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The strength of experience

Menon ensures a multidisciplinary, complete and detailed design from the analysis and design stage – with the preparation of preliminary, final, executive and constructive projects – to the financial evaluation of the project. We monitor implementation planning and management to ensure accurate execution and delivery of work within the timetable and cost agreed with each customer.

Customized projects

Menon partners with customers, professionals and technicians to find the most suitable solutions that meet discrete needs, to establish an efficient partnership that yields satisfactory, functional and valuable results. It guarantees maximum accuracy, attention to details, accurate presentations and absolute realism. From budget to the rendering to the executive project, each customer is always the protagonist when it comes to choices and decisions, because the accuracy of the project is fundamental to build well and stay within the desired project timetable.

Technological know-how

In its own production facilities, Menon manufactures high and guaranteed quality metal structures. Skillful operators and state-of-the-art machinery yield products tested in great detail, through rigorous monitoring of welding, drilling, cutting and assembling processes. Menon provides executive designs and calculation reports for metal structures, concrete works and perimeter walls. The documentation is completed by tests and energy certifications for walls and roofing.

Creative flexibility and innovation

Menon does not provide standardized answers, but conceives and executes projects that meet the specific requirements of each customer. It can accommodate and satisfy any kind of need.
It can solve all problems, including complex ones, flexibly and innovatively. It knows and interprets steel ductility to perfection, which yield innovative prefabricated products, easy assembly, light foundations, as well as easy building re-certification and re-determination of use.

Accuracy and safety

Menon guarantees millimeter accuracy because it submits production to continuous and preventive tests, carried out by highly qualified personnel and sophisticated technologies. Through internal pre-assembly, it first checks structures, making their assembly and commissioning easy and safe. Highly accurate products facilitate assembly and installation, while also ensuring the quality of any project, from large-scale construction to supply.

Organization and punctuality

Menon schedules, organizes and verifies the progress of work.
It stands out for efficiency in scheduling and coordination of project execution, as well as in identifying and managing resources. It provides reliable project management, which is indispensable for the completion of works, according to high quality standards and established timetables. It manages the direction of works and the worksite, ensuring maximum speed in recording any problems and implementing any remedial action required.

Sustainable development

Menon uses totally recyclable materials. It determines the use of resources based upon an accurate assessment of project needs. It realizes walls and roofing that ensure the high thermal and acoustic insulation of buildings. It invest in the search of environmentally friendly solutions that, from use to maintenance, from de-commissioning to disposal and recovery, allow for energy savings and tolerable environmental impact. It undertakes to ensure that building quality and safety is achieved without compromising the protection of the environment and the safeguard of natural land assets.

Certified quality

Menon guarantees reliability and competence. The qualification of Menon’s welders is certified in accordance with current statutory regulations. Operators, plants, processes and control procedures are recognized for their remarkable level of reliability and provide customers with valuable products, as well as full cooperation and assistance.

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