Menon Srl carries out its activities in compliance with rigorous quality control and production process management that meet the most important quality certifications in the structural carpentry sector.

Menon Srl provides customers with calculation reports and drawings, as provided for by current regulations. The quality of materials and working processes are consistent with the best international standards.

  • ISO 9001 Quality System
  • ISO 3834-2 Management System
  • Factory Production Control Certificate (FPC)
  • Processing Center Activity Report Certificate
  • Registration and publication on the Register of Building Sector Professionals

ISO 9001 Quality System

Menon implements its Quality System certification according to ISO 9001 standards, which ensures that all business processes are monitored, from product design to site installation.

ISO 3834-2 Management System

Menon Srl monitors welding processes according to the ISO 3834-2 management system standards, which provides for the planning, management and verification of all stages of the welding process.

Factory Production Control Certificate (FPC)

According to recent EU Regulation No. 305/2011, which requires the issuance of a Performance Statement (DoP) for structural carpentry elements produced, Menon has implemented a Factory Production Control System (FPC) in accordance with EN 1090-1 standards, which provides for the production process management according to the requirements of EN 1090-2.

A CE marking label and the related Performance Declaration, written in the language of the installation country, are issued for all structural carpentry items subject to EN 1090-1 standards.

Processing Center Activity Report Certificate

In addition, Menon is identified as a “Processing Center”, in accordance with the Ministerial Decree of January 14, 2008 – Technical Construction Standards.

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