Technological facilities for sports

Public works – San Martino di Castrozza

Safery and practicality, everywhre.

The realization of technological facilities for sports, especially when they are placed in particularly important environmental contexts, poses considerable problems regarding both aesthetics and logistics. In fact, it is not enough to guarantee the highest quality of construction: we must also contribute to the definition of the best aesthetic quality of the structures and solve all the building site problems that derive from the special location of the facility. This means, practically speaking, pre-forming the steel structure in order to make it transportable and workable in conditions of great safety, both regarding the environment and the roads, considering in advance all the critical aspects of working at high altitudes, without any space for supporting maneuvers and without the immediate availability of solutions and the inevitable little problems that may arise during construction.
Great planning and an almost military organization have allowed Menon to complete the work in full compliance with the timing dictated by customers and seasonal meteorology.

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