Production building

Industrial buildings – Crocetta del Montello (TV)

An efficient solution

An expansion constructed with the optimal use of differentiated materials. It is an industrial warehouse made with a portal solution, to achieve a free span of 28 metres. The trusses are variable section electrically welded to give the required slope, while the covering was made by arranging the application of photovoltaic panels.

The constructed steel structure is suitable for sliding 10 ton overhead cranes. The cladding was articulately created, with a thermal break reinforced concrete base that accompanies the band of windows and doors, culminated by micro-diamond sandwich panels. Menon used 250 tons of steel for the structure, 3500 sqm for the surface covering and 5000 sqm of cladding panels. Simplicity, economy, efficiency and timing: these are the fields in which Menon gets the most out of the benefits of steel.

Menon Costruttori