Post-consumption plastics regeneration plant

Industrial buildings – Salsomaggiore Terme (PR)

The future belongs to the virtuous

We have carried out a complex integration project between existing and new buildings. The overall redevelopment concerns a large plastics recycling plant for a leading company on the world stage (Sirmax Group). In the plant, the first recycling stage is carried out, in which the post-consumer plastic is transformed into high-quality material, ready to be reused and to become durable and sustainable. A company so highly specialised in recovery and recycling could only choose steel, highly recyclable, for the construction of its buildings.
Recovering materials and building in steel are therefore ethical choices, virtuous, looking to the future. This aspect of our daily building gratifies us and commits us to always give our best in our daily construction activities.

Works carried out in collaboration with the company Costruzioni GALLO-ROAD Srl of Padua and designed by Architect Giorgio Antonello of the AZ Studio Associato of Cittadella (PD).

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