Office building

Civil buildings – Vicenza (VI)

Structure is part of being

Two hundred and fifty tonnes of steel: an investment in the future as well, in view of the full recyclability and recoverability of the materials used.

The creation of this office building takes on an aesthetic aspect through the crystal-clear geometrical structure that lends itself to plays on lines and improvised variations of densities.

The choice of radial symmetry for all the junction points of the roofing joists emphasises the impression of rigour and solidity.

Menon constructed all the load-bearing and structural elements, branch points, the capitals of the loadbearing columns, the floors constructed on 4,500 m2 of folded trapezoidal sheet, the access gallery to the offices and all the aesthetic and formal fittings.

Steel has the merit of clean, simple beauty, which charms when interpreted with courage of design and realised by applying competence, enthusiasm and high technology.

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