Public works – Giardino Zucca (BO)

Stronger than memory

There are situations in which the linear rigour of steel helps to make a communicative intention more effective. Such was the case with this structure dedicated to the museum conservation of a dramatic event.

The structural design called for latticed main girders with a span of 30 metres, workshop pre-treated and assembled on site. One hundred tonnes of steel went into creating the trusses, which drew inspiration from early industrial designs. They added the necessary rigour to the museum’s structure.

The roofing of 1,150 m2 of folded trapezoidal sheet, positioned orthogonally to the trusses, lengthen reflections and expand the luminosity coming through the wheel windows set in the front façades.

The façade infills set a portion of traditional vaulting on steel, visibly integrating past with present. In developing its productions for this construction, Menon interacted closely with the planners, placing decades of expertise in building activity at their disposal.

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Menon Costruttori