Head office

Civil buildings – Velo d'Astico (VI)

Solutions for every intention

This head office provides an excellent example of Menon’s ability to find a solution to every construction requirement.

Standing on an irregular ground plan, the structure was developed over a series of geometrical operations that generate a dynamic and pleasing movement of lines. But the construction process was complex, requiring multi-levelled access ramps, curved and circular elements, infills in various materials: all of this demanded high levels of accuracy and care in the planning.

The juxtaposition of contrasting materials such as steel, glass stone and timber has produced aesthetic effects of considerable effect, picked up internally by carefully conceived lighting engineering. The interior also features a ring weighing 10 tonnes, positioned to dominate the main entrance to the office building. The infills in expanded sheet steel and sandwich panels round off a highly complex structural work, which offered considerable satisfaction to its constructors.

Menon placed all its experience and expertise at the disposal of the planners and provided all the temporary structures needed to ensure a correctly phased construction sequence.

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