Elevated structure for a technology facility

Industrial buildings – Castello di Godego (TV)

Turn up the volume

A parallelepiped seems like an elementary structure, simple to construct and install. However, while the geometric shape may serve to connect the various production facilities of a global mechanical engineering giant in spatial and functional terms, it can be a complex challenge. Menon created an interlocking structure of connections, treated for R60 fire resistance, requiring the development of special structural nodes and the use of cranes and mechanical devices that could operate in spaces already occupied by other buildings.

Connecting it with the existing roofs was accomplished to perfection, eliminating any risk of leakage even on the curved surfaces. We’re proud of it, because in spite of the complexity involved, we were able to deliver within the agreed time due to efficient planning and the unstinting efforts of operatives and technicians who worked non-stop over the summer. At Menon it’s gratifying for everyone when objectives are successfully achieved, and it encourages us to seek the approval of clients.

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