Commercial warehouse

Industrial buildings – Vergato (BO)

Proverbial safety

A warehouse that called for speed of construction, ample spaces for manoeuvring materials, structural resistance and overall economy. It was built by Menon for an enterprise in the Province of Emilia.

The steel’s ability to resist seismic thrusts makes it a material of choice for areas at risk of tectonic movement. In this particular case, 130 tonnes of steel were used, all of which had been workshop pretreated, thus attaining economies of time and of site costs, which were further enhanced by the modular design of the structural elements.

The main girder, with its trellis-work structure, has a span of 20 metres. Beneath the 3,000 m2 of roofing, a bridge crane with a 10-tonne capacity was factored into the construction of the load-bearing elements. During workshop pre-fabrication, the external elements of the building were fitted with couplings and load points for the joists of the overhanging perimeter cantilever roof.

The office unit was cladded using sandwich panels with horizontal axes to house thermally insulated door and window frames.

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