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Industrial buildings – Trento (TN)

An obstacle-free course

Modern industrial activities call for ever larger spaces into which plant will fit, or to ensure the required room for manoeuvre. Health and safety regulations mean that a lot of care needs to be taken at the planning phase. With our perfect grasp of the potentials offered by steel, Menon can dialogue with planners and offer support in their structural options.

This construction covers 8,000 m2 and is roofed in 3 bays with a maximum height of 19 metres. The perimeter roof-support columns were pre-fitted with fixing points for anchoring the reinforced concrete infills.

Setting and pre-assembly of the trusses is carried out in the workshop. This makes the assembly and installation stage swifter and more economical, resulting in modest on-site costs. The wall cladding and facings used micro-ribbed sandwich panels that were set vertically to impart greater visual impact and counteract the structure’s horizontal lines.

The positioning of this building in it such a remarkable environmental setting was rendered less invasive by means of chromatic effects applied to the cladding.

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