Building for production and warehouse

Industrial buildings – Cassola (VI)

The logic of building

Just as a weaver arranges the weftthread across the warp, so this industrial construction has extracted every possible advantage from its use of steel. A sequence of vertical girders, given a formal lightness by the alternation between solids and voids, supports the horizontal bays on which the sawtooth roofing rests.

The resulting geometrical grid imparts structural orderliness to the facades, while enhancing the verticality of the girders. These are broken at their summit by the orthogonal lines of the structural joints.

The building is destined for industrial use and required ample spaces with minimum obstruction by load-bearing elements.

Menon was tasked with creating all the load-bearing elements and all of the roofing, for which 1,200 tons of steel were used.

Menon Costruttori