Public works – Verbania (VB)

From shore to shore

Menon does not create only buildings. Menon has a long-standing familiarity with steel and knows how to bend it to suit a purpose, mastering the material and getting the best results out of it.

A three-bay bridge with maximum span of 33 metres, ninety metres of latticed girders fashioned out of tubular trusses, constructed out of circularsection tubing, a width of 15 metres spanned by 230 tonnes of steel. The quoins were workshop assembled to ensure maximum precision of camber and a faster application process.

The main connections were realised using concealed bolt joints, protected by a finish casing, and the lateral plate supports a foot-traffic surface with cycle lane.

Menon’s many decades of experience guarantees to sponsors and planners the efficacy and safety of constructions that span lengths as well as of those that reach upwards.

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