Automated warehouse for coils

Industrial buildings – Fano (PU)

Everything in its place

Construction of a new plant for the robotised storage of aluminium coils: the warehouse consists of a central channel where automation transports the coils and places them in the 370 cells constructed laterally in the five vertically developed levels; the plant is 115 m. long and has a total height of 23 m., and 1700 tons of structural steel have been produced for its construction; the warehouse has been structurally dimensioned in compliance with all the regulations in force, taking into account its functional needs and the considerable weight of each single coil, all this by designing a construction model that is anti-seismic efficient (Ministerial Decree 17/01/18 “New technical standards for constructions”); the plant has stairs, walkways and suitable “saddles” to house the coils; the structure is completed with sandwich panels for covering and cladding.

Menon Costruttori